Lincold DC 1000 Pole Welding Machine - CNC500/14000 - suitable for processing poles with a diameter range of 60-340mm, a maximum length of 14m and a thickness of 6mm.

CNC Pole Shut-Welding Machine

Technical Features Workable Diameter: 60-500mm Workable length: 14000 mm Trolley length: 2000 MM Light pole thickness ↓ Light pole diameter: 60~500mm 2.5~4.5mm Light pole diameter: 200~500mm 3~8mm Clamping feet quantity: 8 units, ( the advantage is that more clamping unit , it gives less pressure and less mark on the surface of pole.) Share Project: […]
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Tandem Press Brake for Light and Heavy Poles

Machine Details Model: CNC Hydraulic 2×800/6000 CNC system: Delem DA66T controlling Y1, Y2, V, without Z and R axis, X axis is control by button and motor driven table Capacity: 1.600T Length of working table: 12.000mm Width of working table: 550mm Motorized front table: 3.000mm Motorized back table: CNC Motorized table Brochure Please follow the […]
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Hypertherm CNC MAXPRO 200 Plasma and CNC Oxy Cut Machine

Machine Details Model: Hypertherm Spec: 4 x 14M R. Power: 60KW R. Current: 100A R. Voltage: 380V Frequency: 50/60Hz Power input: 220V Cutting thickness 6-150mm Share Project: Brochure Please follow the links on the buttons if you want to view the service catalogs. FULL SERVICES CATALOG.pdf LET’S START WORKING TOGETHER Please feel free to contact […]
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