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Identifying the best construction materials and understanding their properties we ensure your idea's solid contents and structure.

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With many years of experience under our hard hat, we partner with owners and design professionals to build high-quality projects.

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Atom Steel is a world class factory for metal material products that provides the highest quality of products, services and solutions.


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Octagonal poles, Round conical poles, High mast Poles and Stepped poles.

Atom Poles, a brand under Atom Steel LTD, signifies innovation and quality in pole manufacturing. As a subsidiary, Atom Poles benefits from Atom Steel LTD’s expertise, ensuring precision and excellence. The collaboration reflects a commitment to pushing technological boundaries, making Atom Poles a leader in the industry.

Atom Poles stands as a reputable and trusted brand, recognized for its commitment to delivering cost-effective solutions with a focus on high quality and large-scale production of infrastructure products. Within our comprehensive portfolio, we excel in the manufacturing and marketing of steel poles designed to meet the demands of a wide spectrum of applications.

Our steel poles find purpose and excellence in various sectors, including highway and street lighting, traffic signage, electrical distribution and transmission towers, wireless communication towers, high mast and sport lighting poles, transit poles and wind tower poles. Beyond functionality, we take pride in offering a diverse range of decorative streetscape lighting poles and bases, allowing us to cater to the aesthetic and design preferences of diverse urban landscapes.

At Atom Poles, our dedication to excellence extends beyond the production line; it is ingrained in our commitment to providing reliable, durable, and innovative solutions that contribute to the advancement and sustainability of modern infrastructure.

The precision embedded in the design of our poles is a testament to our unwavering commitment to engineering excellence. Every curve, every angle is meticulously crafted to harmonize with the surroundings while maintaining optimal structural integrity. This precision extends beyond mere form; it is a reflection of our commitment to enhancing the visual appeal of the infrastructure we contribute to.

Furthermore, the durability ingrained in the construction of our poles stands as a symbol of our steadfast commitment to quality. These poles are engineered to withstand the test of time and the rigors of various environmental conditions. Whether it’s the challenges posed by fluctuating weather patterns or the demand for long-lasting, reliable infrastructure, our poles are crafted to exceed expectations.

In essence, our poles represent the fusion of art and engineering. They embody the synergy of aesthetic finesse and robust construction, setting the standard for excellence in the realm of infrastructure solutions. Atom Poles stands as a beacon of quality, where every product is not just a functional element but a work of precision and durability contributing to the urban landscape’s visual and structural harmony.

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Our factory integrates corporate responsibility into core operations, leveraging expertise for meaningful contributions to social and environmental initiatives, fostering positive impact for our clients.

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With our expertise from 1946 in international standards, technology, and industrial systems, we provide unmatched solutions. Committed to innovation and cost-effectiveness, we deliver high-quality, tailored services to meet specific client needs.

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Lighting poles in one, two, three or four consoles in different sizes and scales according to usage area. Polygonal poles, highway poles, road poles, street lighting poles. Elevator flag lowering system. Hot dip galvanized poles with certificates.


ATOM STEEL LTD holds the distinction of being the first company in Europe to achieve complete production of octagonal and conical poles.

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    At Atom Poles, our commitment to excellence goes beyond the manufacturing process; it is deeply rooted in our promise to deliver dependable, long-lasting, and cutting-edge solutions that actively contribute to the progress and sustainability of contemporary infrastructure.
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