Tandem Press Brake for Light and Heavy Poles

Heavy Tandem Press Brake With 1600t Capacity

Machine Details

  • CNC Hydraulic 2x800/6000
  • Delem DA66T controlling Y1, Y2, V, without Z and R axis, X axis is control by button and motor driven table
  • 1.600T
  • 12.000mm
  • 550mm
  • 3.000mm
  • CNC Motorized table


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About The Tandem Press Brake

Tandem Press Brake is combined from two sets of press brake tandem achieving synchronized working single machine, where the two machines can also be used separately to improve production efficiency. This machine is combined by work table ram and right and left wall board.

The tandem CNC press brake (or CNC tandem bending machine) adopts large tempering furnace to eliminate internal stress, with good stability, high strength and stable operation, equipped with double linkage synchronous device.

The tandem press brake can process long workpieces, especially suitable for the processing and manufacturing of long workpieces such as the road lamp pole and power pole of the urban construction and expressway.

  • DA-66T Delem CNC system feature:
        • 2D graphical touch screen programming mode
        • 3D visualisation in simulation and production
  • 17″ high resolution colour TFT
  • Full Windows application suite
  • Delem Modusys compatibility (module scalability and adaptivity)
  • USB, peripheral interfacing
  • User specific application support within the controllers multitasking environment
  • Sensor bending & correction interface

The Tandem press brake adopts the Double or multi machine synchronous working principle.  Adopt the electro-hydraulic proportional valve servo synchronization of Bosch company, with excellent performance, small friction force in mechanical action, electronic amplifier and electric magnet have high-efficiency control force and continuous reaction force. There are two raster displays on both sides of the machine, which constantly check the position of the slider and feed back the information to the control system. Then the control system controls the electro-hydraulic valve to drive the two cylinders to move at the same time. Since the raster display is installed on the “C” plate instead of directly on the column, the deflection of the slider and the frame will not affect the measurement and control accuracy when working. When the two machines work at the same time, the potentiometer installed in the two machines converts the mechanical synchronous signal into the same electronic signal, and feeds back to the synchronous board and the control system. After the signal is amplified by the Bosch amplifier, it is controlled by the electro-hydraulic synchronous valve, so it can achieve high precision. Through the computer, we can communicate with the machine. The computer has many languages, it can calculate and adjust the bending force automatically. At the same time, it can calculate the control stop and speed change point. The stroke number of the slider (Y1, Y2) can be changed according to the user needs. With excellent guide system, position measurement system, hydraulic balance system, to meet different lengths and special needs. Worktable compensation device is used to prevent the influence of machine deflection and ensure the accuracy of workpiece.

① All steel plate of the tandem press brake( tandem bending machine) is whole welded, with strong seismic resistance

② The tandem CNC press brake( or the CNC tandem press brake/ CNC tandem bending machine) adopts large tempering furnace to eliminate internal stress, with good stability, high strength and stable operation

★ Equipped with double linkage synchronous device;

★ The tandem press brake can process the extra long workpiece, especially suitable for the processing and manufacturing of the extra long workpiece such as the road lamp pole and power pole of the urban construction and expressway;

★ Two machines can also be used separately to improve production efficiency;

★ Special requirements can be specially designed and manufactured;

③ The frame adopts one-time processing forming of pentahedron machining center to ensure the parallelism and verticality of each installation surface

④ The frame is derusted by sandblasting and sprayed with antirust paint

Main configuration of the machine:

① Special CNC system for press brake of Delem company in the Netherlands

② Bosch high performance servo hydraulic system control synchronization

③ High performance servo motor and ball screw for back stop

④ Both sides are equipped with optical ruler to detect synchronous position feedback

⑤ Mechanical down slope block type deflection compensation or hydraulic compensation system controlled by DNC System

⑥ One set of top and bottom mold

⑦ Front support