Round Conical Poles

Round Conical Poles, distinguished by their sleek and tapered design, exemplify a pinnacle of engineering precision in the world of infrastructure solutions.


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Round Conical Poles, distinguished by their sleek and tapered design, exemplify a pinnacle of engineering precision in the world of infrastructure solutions. At Atom Poles, these poles undergo a meticulous manufacturing process, beginning with the careful selection of high-grade hot-rolled steel coils to establish a foundation of durability and resilience.

The automated production procedure involves a sophisticated interplay of cutting and folding or pressing the trapezoidal sheet into the elegant conical shape that characterizes these poles. This process, executed with precision, not only ensures uniformity but also guarantees structural integrity, allowing Round Conical Poles to seamlessly integrate into a variety of infrastructure applications.

A key feature of our production methodology is the application of longitudinal welding through the submerged arc welding technique. This process welds the sides of the conical shape seamlessly, enhancing the overall structural stability and longevity of the poles. The use of submerged arc welding ensures a robust and enduring connection, capable of withstanding environmental stresses and contributing to the reliability of the infrastructure.

Atom Poles takes pride in delivering Round Conical Poles that not only meet but exceed industry standards. These poles find versatile applications, ranging from highway and street lighting to traffic signage, electrical distribution, and transmission towers. Additionally, they serve in wireless communication towers, high mast and sport lighting poles, transit poles, solar lighting, and wind tower poles.

Our commitment extends beyond mere functionality. Atom Poles offers a diverse range of Round Conical Poles that not only fulfil practical purposes but also contribute to the aesthetic appeal of urban landscapes. Whether it’s the precision in design or the durability in construction, our Round Conical Poles embody the fusion of engineering excellence and a steadfast commitment to quality that defines Atom Poles in the realm of infrastructure solutions.

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